Old port of Quebec city

The old port and waterfront area is an integral part of Old Quebec and is not to be missed!

Come and feel the see breeze from the river in the Old Port of Quebec city !

The central location of our B&B ensures that wherever you are in the walled city or old port area, you are never far away from our Bed and Breakfast !

Old port of Quebec city

Old port of Quebec city – View from the marina area on walled city, Seminaire and Chateau Frontenac

Old port of Quebec city

Batterie Royale off Place Royale in the old port of Quebec city

Old port of Quebec city

Saint-Paul street in the old port of Quebec city: art galleries, cafes, restaurants, farmers’ market, board walk, marina, piers.

Farmers’ market, board walk, art galleries…

The old port of Quebec city is charming with its great view on both the St-Lawrence river and on the walled city up the hill. It has a lot to offer such as a Farmers’ market with fresh produces and authentic handmade items, cafes, restaurants, art galleries, pretty streets, a marina, a park, a biking path and a board walk leading you to Place Royale.

Place Royale

Place Royale pedestrian area in the old port of Quebec city is nested just below the cliff from where the Dufferin Terrace and Chateau Frontenac overlook the great St-lawrence river. The view is breathtaking!


From Place Royale, board the Funiculaire and get an easy ride up the cliff (enjoy the view while at it !) or go up the Break-your-neck stairs (easy stuff, nothing to be afraid of !).

Tour the inside of the walled city, then make your way backdown in the old port of Quebec city through the Cote du Palais Hill for a well deserved rest at our Bed and Breakfast!


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